Natural Hack is a small winery sustainably growing, hack farming, and fermenting our own grapes and honey. We also source and work with other local and regional fruit and fermentables to fill our barrels. We only purchase from farms and growers whom we respect for their approach to sustainable agriculture and the quality of their fruit. We ferment our wines spontaneously, guided by our deep experience with wild beer. We are inspired by the resurgence of naturally fermented wines and beverages.

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Photo of Beautiful Inside My Mind pour.
If you are local, or visiting the area, the easiest way to secure our wine is by ordering here for local pickup at Foam Brewers. Foam Brewers will hold bottles for up to 7 days from purchase.


Photo of Todd Haire pruning Marquette vines.
Photo of pouring Beautiful Inside My Mind

We aim to treat land and people with respect and dignity, as we create the beverages we truly enjoy, in a community we love.