Natural Hack

Cultivating natural wine fermented by native yeast from a cut of the Vermont farmscape.
Oak barrel fermented and aged. Unfiltered, Zero additive wine.
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Beautiful Inside My Mind is now available.

The History
This sparkling red consists of 100% Marquette from a 15 year old, one acre vineyard in Hinesburg, Vermont. Vintage 2020, the same year we began maintaining, caring for, and harvesting this small plot of Vermont farmscape. We practiced low intervention, sustainable farming methods in line with ethos of Natural Hack. When we harvested the clusters they were de-stemmed and crushed into a sealed Co2 gassed 10hl Foeder. The crush sat in this anaerobic environment on the skins until fermentation began spontaneously. From that point we would punch down the wine cap and pump over the juice as needed until fermentation slowed. At this point we moved the young wine off the skins and pressed the must. The wine aged in Neutral Oak barrels for 12-months prior to bottling with a touch of honey from our own bee hives to referment and add a little sparkle in the finished wine.

The Wine
Beautiful Inside My Mind is jammy with notes of plum, black cherry and currant. It exhibits a zippy acidic funk. Soft medium mouthfeel with a pleasantly dry light fine tannin finish. Conditioning with honey in the bottle added medium to light carbonation with plenty of pop. Serve chilled for a quenching, fun wine on a warm afternoon. Or, let it warm and open up for a fuller, more indulgent experience that presents notes of tobacco, leather, and a hint of spice.

How / Where to Buy
We only have 1000 bottles available for this year's release of Beautiful Inside Your Mind. Below are you options for purchasing.
$27 / 500ml Bottle

Pickup for online orders is available now.

In Person / Walk Up
Foam Brewers - available now
Wilder Wines - available now
Salt & Bubbles - available now
Dedalus - TBA

Dine In / Restaurants
Deep City - available now
Juniper - available now
Monarch & Milkweed - available now
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