We are Natural Hack, a small but focused project by the team behind House of Fermentology and Foam Brewers.

We are by no means wine professionals. We do not purport to be. We do however share an affinity for wild and spontaneous fermentations of all things food and beverage.

Photo of Todd Haire in the Natural Hack cellar

In 2019, after traveling to the Southern island of New Zealand for hop selection, Bob and Todd visited, toured, and enjoyed wine from a small winery in Upper Moutere called Kindeli.

This experience sparked an idea to produce seasonal Vermont zero additive wine. We would approach this project the same way we approach our wild and spontaneous beers, co-ferments, and other fermented projects over the years - focus on minimal intervention to guide the wine, rather than control it.

Upon return, Todd approached the owner of a small vineyard in Hinesburg that he had driven past almost daily for over a decade. More recently, it had become overgrown, without anyone truly maintaining it or harvesting for quite some time. They struck up a deal where we would clean up and maintain the vineyard in exchange for the opportunity to satiate our curiosity and harvest the grapes for our nascent project. That was early 2020 and now we have been maintaining, hack farming, and harvesting this one acre crop for nearly three seasons. We have a few things to show for it and more patiently resting away until it’s their time. As we work with other local farmers, not all of our wines, ciders, and meads will come from this one acre cut of farmscape.